My Weekend was All About Purses


36/365 States Purse

One of the reasons I wanted a sewing machine was to make purses.  I love purses — they have such personality and they still fit even if your weight fluctuates.  This was my first attempt at a sewn purse.  It has mistakes, but I learned a few construction techniques and overall I’m very happy with it.  The fabric even makes me happy, seeing the states all mixed up makes me think my friends across the country aren’t so far away as they sometimes seem.

My second purse was made for my sister in law Alison who’s learning to play guitar.  I saw this fabric and knew I’d be making her a purse.

37/365 A Purse for Alison

The interior is a coordinating print.  I love the happy colors!

Alison's Purse Interior

I hope she’ll like it!  I’ve started on my next purse already.  This is kind of addictive.  :)

8 thoughts on “My Weekend was All About Purses

  1. Wow Sarah..really nice..I love em..very cool..and nicely done! Im sewing right now also.making curtains..not so excitng as purses though! Good job and nice gift too!

    • Thank you! Still learning, but I’m enjoying it. I could stand to make some curtains, too – but I have several more purses to get out of my system before I jump to something else. :)

      • I’d love that, Meggie! Eventually I need to make some for my office, but we’re going to be getting some new furniture first. Should wait until we have that sorted first before I add curtains and pillows – but if you wanted to write up a tutorial (hint, hint) I’d be so happy for the help! :)

  2. Miss Sarah, You are just the “jackette” of all trades.. I love the guitar purse.. I got on a kick making denim/jean purses a few years ago.. Did you use a pattern.. Did you put something in the bottom to make it stand up?? Love it, keep up all the wonderful work !! Cheryl

    • Thanks, Cheryl! Yes, I used a pattern from AliFoster on Etsy. I’ll be making a few more purses of hers, love the clean, simple lines. I ironed a very stiff interfacing to the inside bottom of the purse, but the pattern called for plastic needlepoint cut to size. I’ll be making another guitar purse to keep, I really liked that one, too! :)

    • Thank you, Dear! Eventually I’ll set up an Etsy shop, but right now I’m still learning. (Thankfully I’m a quick study! :) ) I’ll be sure to let you know, and I appreciate it!

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