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Screenshot of My Flavors.me Page

Some social networking sites only allow you to add one link to your profile.  For my Twitter account, I’ve always linked to ThePutnamScoop.com, a blog mainly based on my home area.  My Blip.fm account linked to my slightly more creative CoopPics.com.  Neither one alone tells you very much about me, but if you saw both, and maybe skimmed through my Flickr pictures or saw what I had to say with friends, you’d have a much better idea of who I am.

It’s not a huge deal, but I work online and many of the people I consider friends are people I initially met online.  I’m guessing the same is true for many of you.  Flavors.me lets you create a kind of landing page/online business card to summarize your online turf into one neat, compact link.  (Mine is Flavors.me/SarahWV if you want to have a better look.)  Sites like this aren’t new, but I love the ease of use and versatility of this one.  Setting up a page is fun, a creative expression.  (I’ll probably keep editing mine for a while, I haven’t even added in work stuff yet.)

If you’d like your own page, this video will show you how easy it is to add and edit content.  Then go to Flavors.me to grab your account.  If they ask you for an invite code, feel free to use the one they gave me: heat.  (Hey, they said I could share with anyone I liked.  You’re reading my blog, I’m pretty sure I like you.)

Once you have yours set up, please share your link in the comments.  I’d love to see it!

Many thanks to Lani Rosales for introducing me to Flavors.me and to Tony Lazzari for sharing the photo he took of me in Times Square earlier this month!

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