Japanese Craft Books


Japanese Craft Books

Next week I’ll be in New York and this blog will be quiet.  One of the many things I hope to be doing is shopping at a few crafts shops the likes of which just can’t be found around my little hometown in West Virginia.

On a previous trip I bought these Japanese craft books at Kinokuniya Book Store, located across from Bryant Park.  Although not a traditional craft store, they do carry a nice selection of books and some good quality Japanese craft supplies.   And no, I can’t read Japanese.  Thankfully craft books offer lots of pictures.  (Although I was surprised to realize after I got home that the cat book is not just about making cute cat themed items.  You’re supposed to make felt from your pet’s shed fur to create a very true-to-life likeness.  Kind of creeped me out, really.)

Cute Dogs

I also stumbled across the English version of one of the books and bought it for my sister in law.  (Now I can call her for a translation if I get stuck making a Cute Dog!)

Hopefully I’ll have some fun crafty stuff to tell you about when I get back – have a great week!

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  1. @DaisyLegsBeagle want a stuffed @DaisyLegsBeagle to play with. I guess I’d better learn to be *crafty*

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