Moo Card Boxes


Japanese Masking Tape Colors

One of my Christmas gifts this year was Japanese washi tapes in a delicious range of colors.  This tape is addictive!  It’s like a masking tape, but is transparent enough that you can use it to highlight words or layer with other colors of tape to create different hues.  It tears or cuts easily and will even peel up and remain adhesive enough to stick back down several times, which is very handy for crafting.  I’ve seen it used quite a bit in scrapbooking, but I decided to use it to dress up a Moo card box.

Adding Tape to My Moo Card Case

Peeling back the tape I’d already applied let me weave the pieces together somewhat.

I love subtle sheen of the tape and the way the colors look together on the finished box.

My Moo Card Box

Next week I’ll be in New York for a conference where I’ll meet lots of new people.  Usually I transfer my business cards to a smaller holder, but for times like this I like to bring the whole box along with me.  I decorated a few other Moo card box tops (I have lots!) and think I’ll take this one with me:

Origami Paper Moo Card Box

This one was made with origami paper cut just smaller than each side of the box, applied with a little Mod Podge.

The Moo cards in the box have a different picture from New York on each card.  My hope is that when meeting new people, I can let them choose a card with sights they like, which gives us something to talk about.  Shy people plan ahead like that.  :)

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