Virtual Coffee


Thank Yous

Thanks to working (and playing) online, I have friends spread across the country.  I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to meet many of them, and we often start the day together with a little virtual coffee.  (It looks like this: [___]D.  I use the big mugs.)  When I decided to send a little Christmas greeting to some of these friends, coffee was the first thing that came to mind.

I found a pattern for felt coffee at Umecraft’s Etsy shop and managed to make about ten in the time I had left between finishing other Christmas gifts and my own shipping deadline.  I wish I could have made so many more!

They look simple (and really, they are) but each cup of felt coffee is made up of 14 pieces, plus stuffing.

Coffee Cup Pieces

I love how you can flip over the coffee to have cream or not.

Cream or Not, Your Choice

One friend prefers Dr. Pepper to coffee, that’s hers in the background.

I shipped them each with a little calendar from Alidesign.

Boxed and Ready to Go

Here’s to another great year together!

2 thoughts on “Virtual Coffee

  1. These are just adorable. And I will treasure it as much as I treasure our “cawfee talks” in the mornings. Love you girlfriend!

    [___]D [CLINK!]

    Lori Bee

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