Santa Around the House


Santa and Tattoed Friend

We’re getting ready to hit the road to visit with my husband’s family for Christmas, so I thought I’d just share a few Santa-ish items I’ve made.  Look at the sassy tattoo on that reindeer!

"Dear Santa" Pillow

Here’s a little flower pot Santa candy dish.  I made these in multiples and gave them away as gifts, so glad I kept one!

Flower Pot Santa

Starting Monday I’ll be able to post what I’ve been working on as Christmas gifts this year.  Stay tuned and have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “Santa Around the House

  1. Love the Clay pot Santa candy dish! Did you post comments/tips on it? Would love to make it for xmas gifts!


    • Hi, Jane! No, I never posted anything more about it because I made it back in the 90’s, I think. I found the project in a craft book. The pot was painted white, then Santa’s face was just traced on following a chart in the book. (It included the eyebrows, mustache and mouth, and the paints covered the traced lines.) The pearly finish is just fabric paint. The nose and the ball on the “hat” were from Michaels, wooden balls with a flat edge on one side. I actually messed up a little on the one pictured, that’s why I ended up keeping it. The eye is a little flat on the lower left, isn’t it? But you could probably trace or copy the picture if you wanted to try it! I filled them with peppermints before giving them as gifts. If you try it and have any more questions, let me know and I’ll try to remember more about how I made them!

      • Thanks for the speedy response, Sarah!

        Do you remember if you did the white paint via spraying or brush? I’ve done both and not happy with either right now.

        From my iPad so that’s my excuse for my poor typing skills — Jane

      • Hi, Jane! (Sorry for the delay this time!) I used a foam brush for the white and for the red on the hat. I really liked the project because it was so low cost, and at the time I was a young stay at home Mom on a pretty tight budget. The pots and wooden balls weren’t expensive, I already had the glue and I just had to buy bigger bottles of white and red paint, small bottles of skin tone and black and the pearly fabric paint. I think I also used some kind of spray sealer after the whole thing was finished and dry.

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