Coin Jars

My eleven year old daughter recently told me that when she was younger, she thought the Salvation Army was an actual branch of the United States military.  She thought our country was so kind to have an army who’s purpose was just to make sure that people in need had a nice Christmas.  She wanted to grow up and be one of their soldiers.

Isn’t it amazing how children see the world?  It warmed my heart – that kid is so sweet –  and kind of made me sad that it doesn’t quite work her way.  (There have been many times I wished the world worked the way she’s imagined it.)

She’s made me more aware though.  We have a couple Mason jars on the kitchen counter to catch our spare change.  Most of the time, we’re just adding to it, not taking away.  But this month the jars have less coins all the time.  If I need to go to the grocery store, I grab my purse, list and keys, then remember that there will be a bell ringer out front and fill my pocket with change.  The kids have gotten into the spirit and will remind me to grab some change if I forget, then fill their pockets, too.

Our extra coins may not make much of a difference in the world, but it can’t hurt.  The important part here is that each time we leave the house, we pause for a moment to think if we’ll have an opportunity to help others while we’re out.  And then we do something about it.

I hope this is a habit we’ll keep after the holidays are over.

4 thoughts on “Change

  1. Wow! I’ve been working in the grocery industry for years and never once had I thought about just bringing change for others that may need it more than I do. I just bring it with him just in case I need it. Great eye opener.

  2. Usually, I’ve got no cash in my wallet or change in my pocket. Live by the Debit Card. I feel bad when I pass these guys and have nothing – so this year we filled the cars “ashtray” with change just for that purpose.

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