Kid’s Super Hero Cape


Waiting on a Tiny Hero

My young nephew is growing up with four sisters.  When I put together some dress up tutus for his sisters, I wanted him to have some more “manly” costume choices.  I made him the beard (shown here) and also this super hero cape.

If you want to make a cape, you’ll need a pillowcase, some felt and ribbon.  I based the K cape on Superman’s “S” logo, but you could just as easily use another super hero or even make up one of your own.  Sketch or trace your design on paper, then cut out the different elements to form a pattern.  Since I only planned to use this pattern once, I cut out the whole design in red first, then cut the slightly smaller pattern pieces for the black felt, cut out that color felt and then cut out the yellow pattern pieces to trace on my felt.  If I were making multiples, I’d have made three copies of my original pattern and cut out one color from each one so that I’d be able to use each templates over and over.

Super K

Attach your felt pieces to your laundered pillowcase cape.  You can use a fabric glue, Stitch Witchery or sew it on.  Then fold over a little of your pillowcase top and stitch ribbon into the fold to tie the cape on to your little super hero.  My husband wasn’t in the mood to model for me (mid-video game is not a good time to ask, apparently) so I just draped it on him and took pictures anyway.

The Reluctant Model

I’m guessing Super K Man will have more fun with it anyway.

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