Personalized iPhone Case


A Miamism iPhone Holder

A while back, my friend Ines sent me a gift for no reason.  It was so perfect and thrilled me so much that I wanted to do something for her in return.  I thought about it for a little while.  Ines loves her iPhone and she has very clearly defined branding for her blog, Miamism.  iPhone + Miamism = tropical orange mojito phone case.

Well, in my head that all made perfect sense.

I traced around my iPhone, added a little extra for the seam and cut out my interior and exterior felt.  Then I had to do a little research on mojitos to learn I needed some lime and mint in there.  (I didn’t have my first mojito until later, happily with Ines!)  I thought it was better to suggest the color of the drink with embroidery floss rather than colored felt, since it’s a pale drink.  For a first attempt at a felt beverage, I think it went pretty well.  Ice cubes are tricky!

I kept an opening in the bottom so she could use her headphones while the phone was in its case.

A Miamism iPhone Holder

And the reverse side features a Miamism “M”, traced directly from the her blog.

A Miamism iPhone Holder

The opening is held closed with a couple pieces of Velcro.  I’ve made some more phone holders since, but I think the one for Ines was the most fun.  Doesn’t it just look happy?  No wonder people love Miami!

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