Moo Cards!

9. Moo Business Cards!

I love Moo cards!  Through, you can create full sized business cards or “Mini Moos”, which are a long, skinny sliver or a card.  The magic of Moo cards is the easy customization – a set of 50 business cards (or 100 minis) can each have a different photo or design.  You can pull your own photos from Flickr or upload directly, then choose just the area of the photo you’d like to use on each card with their easy crop and zoom.  If you’re not much for taking pictures, Moo has a nice selection of graphics and images you can use instead.

The flexibility of ordering in small, easily personalized batches opens up many possibilities:

  • If you’re a photographer, make up cards for your clients with their own photos to pass out to family and friends.
  • If you include cards as a thank you in a mail order, adding a coupon code to your cards may bring repeat business.
  • A real estate agent might want to use photos of beautiful doors or even current listings.
  • If you’ve ever met a new contact and wished you could hand them more than “just a business card”, consider making a little packet of cards you can stash at the back of your business card case.  The next time you meet someone who you’d like to impress on the spot with a little taste of your skills, pass them a little set of five or so cards held in a tiny envelope or hole punched and tied with a ribbon – a mini portfolio in an easy to carry and share package.  (Before they even see your beautiful cards, they’ll know you’re giving them special attention.  This alone should help impress.)

But I also love my Moos for their craft appeal!  I never thought of framing a business card prior to Moo.

Moo Cards as Art

A couple brightly colored Moos slipped inside self adhesive luggage tags help me find my bags.

Moo Card Luggage Tags

I used Fotoclips from Photojojo to make a collage of Mini Moos above my desk.

20. Moo Card Art

I’ve also given boxes of Mini Moos to a bride and her Mom following a wedding.  Moos are great for scrapbooking or tying onto gifts, too!