I’m not a girly-girl, in fact I’ve always considered myself a tomboy.  But there’s just something about floofy tutus that gets me.

Tutu #1

I made four tutus for my littlest nieces.  They’re simple and inexpensive to create, but do take a good chunk of time.  (Well, four of them sure did!)  But look how pretty they are just sitting around your house.

Tutu #1 Finished

Or even on your head.

Oh Yeah. Like You Don't Stick a Tutu on Your Head and Play Bride.

It’s just too difficult to have a tutu in the house and not slap it on your head and play bride.  Don’t even try it.

And they have got to be about the easiest gift of all to give – just toss them in a basket and they’re a riot of tulle and ribbons!  Perfect just as they are, no need for the slightest embellishment.


If you’d like to try making tutus, you just need to cut and stitch together a piece of elastic to fit your little ballerina’s waist, then loop lengths of tulle and ribbon all around.  A woodland fairy likes an unkempt, random look, while a classical ballerina will want hers more precisely groomed.   If you’d like step by step instructions with photos, CutOutAndKeep.net has a nice Tutu Tutorial.

Ladybug Tutu

I hope your little ballerina/fairy/ladybug appreciates it!

Update: If you’d rather buy a tutu than make one, this Etsy shop has some really beautiful tutus!


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      • Lots and lots of cutting, but very simple to make. I thought a bumble bee tutu would look really cute but couldn’t find bright yellow and black tulle locally. Oh well! (We do have a new Hobby Lobby at the Huntington Mall now – we’re big time, huh?) :)

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