Need a Little Facial Hair?

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My friend Jay Thompson is growing a moustache to raise funds to help fight men’s cancer.  As a fan of Jay’s (and of men in general – and let’s be honest here, of men’s facial hair), I wanted to chime in and help promote what he’s doing.  And since this is a crafty blog, if I’m going to talk about something, I need to also help you make it.

My Beard

This beard was made with a free pattern provided by Erin Dollar of I Made You a Beard.  I crafted it for my little nephew who is growing up with four sisters.  I figured they probably play a decent amount of dress up and he might appreciate a couple manly dress up accessories.  And in case you haven’t tried to find boy themed dress up items, it hasn’t been my easiest crafting challenge.

Please follow the link to Erin’s beard pattern if you’d like to make one yourself, and please consider joining Jay’s crew of scruffy men this November if you can.  It’s not quite the same, but —

Bearded Lady

I’m with you in spirit, Jay!


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